A North Scandinavian branch of Q-L804: Q-Y11515

This is the current “working tree” status of the Q-L11515 branch that has spread over much of northern Scandinavia. (Right klick and choose “view image” or “open image in new tab” to get it Zoomable). Green squares mean that we have at least two kits leading to the same forefather. The orange ones are of course important to get tested to confirm the correctness. The Q-L11515 branch i part of the big tree of paternal lines.

American indians in northern Europe? Q-L804 geographical location

This is the geographical locations of the YFull kits of the interesting branch Q-L804 with closest relatives among the American indians. Some how the Q-L804 branch seems to have made it to northern Europe at some point, likely through Siberia. Non YFull kits gets a highly transparent dot in the predicted branch colour that can show the dencity of Q-L804. The Genographic Project (Geno) kits with Q-L804 Geno stoped collecting samples in August 2019 but have captured some Q-L804.


Hans Ersson, 1655, illustrates the impact an individual can have on the genetic make up of a region. 25% of those born 1890-1930 in Sorsele had a strait paternal line to him according to the database Kråken. Quite extrem! To see if there were more extrem cases I made a histogram of the number of “founding fathers” and their number of descendents in the database with a strait paternal line to them.

Håkans Farm

Visited again the old settlements of some of my forefathers. The house on the picture is standing on the place where Erik Ersson (b. ca. 1669) helped his brother Håkan (b. ca. 1670) to start a farm in Örträsk in 1706. It has not been properly dated but might be from around 1750. (Green dot on the map at the bottom) The map below over Håkans farm is klickable for a large map over Örträsk from 1713.

Ql804 branch dating

This is the current status of the family tree of Q-L804 based on the data at YFull. Branch length in years I have estimated with the Ape package in R using maximum likelihood and the “strikt model”. The rightmost codes refer to actuall test persons (YFxxxxx). YF02661 is a decendant of Erik Ersson in Knaften. YFulls version of the tree can be found at: https://www.yfull.com/tree/Q-L804/. The idea of maximum likelihood here is to choose the branch lengh that gives the most likely “pedigree” given the observed number of SNPs at every branch.

Branch Q-Y45428 of Q-L804

Here is a more detailed view of the North Swedish subbranch Q-Y45428 of Q-L804. All nine boxes at the bottom are kits tested at ftDNA and verified by “paper research”. Of the nine kits, eight can be followed to Erik, the father of Erik Ersson (6 kits) and Håkan Ersson (2 kits). Erik has made a big contribution to the population of Västerbotten and probably most people in the region can find him on their pedigree.