Håkans Farm

Visited again the old settlements of some of my forefathers.

  • The house on the picture is standing on the place where Erik Ersson (b. ca. 1669) helped his brother Håkan (b. ca. 1670) to start a farm in Örträsk in 1706. It has not been properly dated but might be from around 1750. (Green dot on the map at the bottom)

The map below over Håkans farm is klickable for a large map over Örträsk from 1713.

  • The memorial stone over Helena Larsdotter (b. 1635) and Mats Hindersson (b. 1617) in Armsjö (now Lill-Armsjö) reads: “1672 Armsjö was settled by Mats Hindersson and his wife Helena. Lill-Armsjö 300 years 1972”. The Daugthers Ella and Brita married Erik and Håkan. (Blue dot on the map)
  • The red dot on the map is Erik Erssons farm in Knaften where only the foundation is left. Now kalled “Gammelhemmet”.
  • The black dot is Mikael Mikaelssons (b. 1785) farm in Östervik where some buildings are left.