Skifferkniven i Storarmsjö, The slate knife in Storarmsjö

This slate knife (skifferkniv) was found in Storarmsjö by Johan Albert Häggström born 1889-10-22 in Ström, Bjurholm while digging a ditch. He is a distant relative to me and descendant of Erik Ersson in Knaften. He thinks he hurt the knife with his spade which might have taken the otherwise common elk head (American:moose) ending of from the knife. The culture that made knifes like this is the “slate culture” Skifferkulturen that had its prime 3300-2000 BC and was also present in Norway e.

Håkans Farm

Visited again the old settlements of some of my forefathers. The house on the picture is standing on the place where Erik Ersson (b. ca. 1669) helped his brother Håkan (b. ca. 1670) to start a farm in Örträsk in 1706. It has not been properly dated but might be from around 1750. (Green dot on the map at the bottom) The map below over Håkans farm is klickable for a large map over Örträsk from 1713.

Mikael Mikaelssons Decendants

Some of Mikael Mikaelssons (Mickel Mickels’n, Gamm-Mickel) decendents that remaind in the area. He had 29 children in 2 marriages. Rapid increase in decendants and a lot of inbreeding in the following generations. Mikael Mikaelssons farfarsfar (Great grandfather) was Erik Ersson.