Branch Q-Y45428 of Q-L804

Here is a more detailed view of the North Swedish subbranch Q-Y45428 of Q-L804. All nine boxes at the bottom are kits tested at ftDNA and verified by “paper research”. Of the nine kits, eight can be followed to Erik, the father of Erik Ersson (6 kits) and Håkan Ersson (2 kits). Erik has made a big contribution to the population of Västerbotten and probably most people in the region can find him on their pedigree. Eriks life and background is now unknown in spite of hard work from many researchers and hopefully more DNA tests will shed some light on this. I have deleted the information on the two last generations on all branches.

More about the third branch from the right can be found in: Nybyggare i övre Örådalen. A relevant paper from the same author is also De finska nybyggarna i Örträsk

More about the third branch from the left can be read in the book: Morfar berättar It can be read in fullscreen mode on the computer if you don’t whant to buy it.