Genetic genealogy

Branch Q-Y45428 of Q-L804

Here is a more detailed view of the North Swedish subbranch Q-Y45428 of Q-L804. All nine boxes at the bottom are kits tested at ftDNA and verified by “paper research”. Of the nine kits, eight can be followed to Erik, the father of Erik Ersson (6 kits) and Håkan Ersson (2 kits). Erik has made a big contribution to the population of Västerbotten and probably most people in the region can find him on their pedigree.

Rh-negativ förbannelsen

(English summary: Link to a paper showing that the Rh-negative blood type stod for a big part of stillbirths and infant mortality clustering within families in Skellefteå.) När jag har släktforskat på Skellefteå släkter har jag märkt att det verkar som att det vilar en förbannelse över vissa familjer genom att en stor del av deras barn var dödfödda eller dog strax efter födseln. Skellefteå har även en mycket stor andel som har blodgrupp Rh-negativ.

U5 tree

Here is some statistics over geographical location of our major branches of U5 on Family Tree DNA. Blue is high proportion and red low. The branches are quite wide spread but with a consentration of U5b1 in especially Finland. If you are on Family Tree DNA It is important that you fill in the information about earliest known ancestor with location. To do that: Log in to your ftDNA konto Click on your name up at the right side Click on: account settings Click on: genealogy Click on: earliest known ancestor Ad info on ancestors and locations If your paternal ancestry is unknown (e.


Phylogenetic tree and branch defining mutations for U5b1b1a a branch mainly found in Northern Europe e.g. among sami. To view it is easiest to download and open in your favorite pdf viewer. It is not an official tree but one I use to indentify new mutations in the kits. Many of the mutations that only are found in 2-5 kits are new branches not yet considered as official brances. If you belong to mtDNA haplogroup U5 please join the U5 mtDNA project

Mikael Mikaelssons Decendants

Some of Mikael Mikaelssons (Mickel Mickels’n, Gamm-Mickel) decendents that remaind in the area. He had 29 children in 2 marriages. Rapid increase in decendants and a lot of inbreeding in the following generations. Mikael Mikaelssons farfarsfar (Great grandfather) was Erik Ersson.