U5 tree

Here is some statistics over geographical location of our major branches of U5 on Family Tree DNA. Blue is high proportion and red low. The branches are quite wide spread but with a consentration of U5b1 in especially Finland.

If you are on Family Tree DNA It is important that you fill in the information about earliest known ancestor with location. To do that:

  1. Log in to your ftDNA konto
  2. Click on your name up at the right side
  3. Click on: account settings
  4. Click on: genealogy
  5. Click on: earliest known ancestor
  6. Ad info on ancestors and locations

If your paternal ancestry is unknown (e.g. because of adoption) please write “unknown” and fill in your own birtplace as geographic location.

The same as the mosaic plot but in numbers are found below. To control the size of the plot on a computer it can be opend in a separate tab.

Region U5a1 U5a2 U5b1 U5b2 U5b3
America 91 24 25 61 8
American native 12 6 7 11 3
British isles 222 75 78 136 14
Cent. Europe 156 109 95 84 11
North Europe 196 105 314 80 11
Former Soviet 48 20 29 8 0
Unknown 194 87 100 117 15

Here is a mosaic plot of the U5 subgroups and Y haplogroups. R is most common in all U5 groups but a little less common in U5b1 where N instead is common. U5b1 and N are common in Finland. I is the second most common with an even spread among U5 groups.

Below is a link to a phylogenetic tree of U5 as of 2019-11-19. It is computer generated so it has not been manually checked but it should group kits in a reasonable way. Best is to download and view on a big screen with a good pdf viewer. Your personal place in the tree is found by searching for your kit number.

Here is a link to the tree: U5