Forest Finn

Settlement of Forest Finns in Norrland

Well known are the settlements of Finns in Värmland but less known are the settlements in Norrland. So here comes a animated map of the settlements over time of Finns in Norrland. (Right klick and choose “view image” or “open image in new tab” to get it Zoomable). The area south of Dalälven is excluded. It makes the close DNA matches between people in this area and Finland more understandable. The map is based on Maude Westins map.

Descendants to some settlers in Västerbotten

The maps illustrates the impact of the “Örträsk Finns” on the interior of Västerbotten by three maps showing how their descendants spread. It is based on the database Kråken which is not compleatly finished for all of Västerbotten but it can anyway give a rough picture of how they spread over the land. For illustration three of the founding fathers are used namely: Johan Philipsson Hilduinen ca 1620-1697 Mårten Hindersson ca 1625-1697 Erik ca 1640 only known from his two sons Erik and Håkan The first map shows the proportion of the persons born 1890-1930 who descend from them.

Gammelhemmet (Old home)

I visited the ruins of Erik Erssons farm in Knaften several times. Erik is my grandfather 9 generations back. He is confirmed to belong to the haplogroup Q-L804 by 5 kits decending from him and one from his brother Håkan Ersson. Its the blue area “Gammelhemmet” on the map on the bottom. The blue line is a water canal to get water to the farm. Gammelhemmet The map below over Eriks farm is klickable for a larger map from 1726.


View over a part of Örträsket and Mårdberget (English: Marten mountain, Local dialect: Malberget) from Västra Örträsk. Mårdberget has given name to Mårdbergets lappskatteland. There is supposed to be rock carvings on top of it but I did not find them now. Below a map over Mårdbergets lappskatteland from: “Geddas karta, Umeå lappmark 1671”