Phylogenetic tree and branch defining mutations for U5b1b1a a branch mainly found in Northern Europe e.g. among sami. To view it is easiest to download and open in your favorite pdf viewer. It is not an official tree but one I use to indentify new mutations in the kits. Many of the mutations that only are found in 2-5 kits are new branches not yet considered as official brances. If you belong to mtDNA haplogroup U5 please join the U5 mtDNA project

Proportion Sami in northern Sweden

Sami in southern Sweden

This is the percentages of sami in the parishes as reported by the ministers. What they reported is “Lapps” and maybe this term has been interpreted differently by different ministers. Maybe there is not a one to one correspondance of the term. White areas denotes missing information. The areas in Värmland, Dalarna, Västmanland and Gästrikland with sami population are wellknown and studied eg by Ingvar Svanberg and discussed at Other interesting areas on the map that stand out are:


View over a part of Örträsket and Mårdberget (English: Marten mountain, Local dialect: Malberget) from Västra Örträsk. Mårdberget has given name to Mårdbergets lappskatteland. There is supposed to be rock carvings on top of it but I did not find them now. Below a map over Mårdbergets lappskatteland from: “Geddas karta, Umeå lappmark 1671”